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🔋Position your body for success

“Use your body to change your mind. Carry yourself in an expansive way with a sense of pride, with a sense of purpose. The way you carry yourself from moment to moment blazes the trail your life takes.” - Amy Cuddy When we think about wellness we don't often think about how we position our bodies, but your body language is constantly speaking to you. It can affect your emotions which affect your behavior which directs your life. To improve your wellbeing, you need to feel like you can change your situation for the better, like you can get things done. Manipulating your posture to make yourself look and feel more powerful can help. 🔋 There's power in posture

In the second-most watched TED Talk of all time, Dr. Amy Cuddy demonstrates expansive body language.

💡The BIG idea: You can use your body in an intentional way to send a message to your brain to be the most powerful version of yourself.

Yes, but… doesn’t power have negative connotations as in power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely?

Ah, the old Lord Acton quote! Research indicates that power reveals what is already within you. If you’re corrupt, power will give you more and bigger opportunities to act out your corruption. If you’re generous, power will give you the confidence to display your generosity. A greater sense of inner power will enable you draw on what's best in yourself to take action and expand your life. It is this expansive inner power that we want to tap into as much as we can with our bodies.

A powerful example: Imagine crossing the finish line in first place, scoring the winning goal, or sinking the championship putt. What would your body look like…?

Are you imagining something like this?

Usain Bolt demonstrates the universal pride pose. Researcher Jessica Lang has discovered that, even if someone has been blind since birth and therefore has no idea what others do when they cross the finish line in first place, they will tilt their chin slightly upward and lift their arms in a V when they feel victorious. In victory, you make your body reach upward and outward with pride. We all physically expand when we're feeling at the top of our game. Any posture that makes you appear larger can be used as a power pose to send a message to your brain that you want to be at your powerful best. The Wonder Woman pose with feet apart and hands on your hips is a perennial favorite, but any big pose will do. Conversely, any pose that makes you appear smaller sends a message to others and to yourself that you are powerless. Hunching over your cell phone isn’t a power pose. ⚠️ Caution: You can do a power pose before any challenging situation such as a job interview, social event, or public speaking engagement. Just don’t do what I did when I appeared, along with my friend and 5-Minute Recharge co-author Addie Greco-Sanchez, on Toronto’s Breakfast Television. Before the live interview, I salsa danced off-camera (a good idea) but when we sat down with Dina and Roger for the interview, I stretched myself out and draped my arm over the sofa. I took up a lot of space in a way that made me look like I owned CityTV. Bad move. My husband still teases me about my Breakfast Television gorilla-on-a-sofa posture. Power poses are to prepare your mind and body for your best performance, not to make you look arrogant while you perform. Bottom line: Become aware of your body and try to avoid postures like hugging yourself or hunching over that make your body appear smaller and can make you feel smaller. Preparing for challenging situations with expansive body postures can prime you for an expanded life. Get charged up on Amy Cuddy’s famous TED Talk. ⚡️ Breaking news. Smiling, whether you feel like it or not, sends a happy message from your face to your brain. Recent research has found that, not only can a smile amplify feelings of happiness that are already there, but it can change neutral emotions into positive ones. Do it now. 😊 Smile for five seconds like subjects did in the recent 👆research. Bet it makes you feel just a tiny bit happier. 🚨Get a Quick Charge out of these: 💡 Check out these excerpts from recent interviews I did with people whose lives were changed through physical activity. Get moved to move with Patrick O'Hannigan who found inspiration in the functional strength of CrossFit, and self-described “lazy athlete” Suzanne Villeneuve who encourages you to give yourself “cheats.” If you'd like to join the Moved to Move movement and share your personal story of transformation through physical activity, email me at lynnesmoved2move@gmail.com to book a 40-minute Zoom interview. 🦩 Can you stand on one leg for ten seconds? Care for your physical balance like your bank balance! 🧶 Knit away anxiety. ⏰ The good news is that legislators are considering abolishing the silly twice-yearly time change. The bad news is that they seem likely to stick with daylight saving time that is bad for our bodies’ natural rhythms. 😡 (A gifted article from The Washington Post) 😌 Oliver Burkeman reassures us that everybody is (still) winging it. The slo-mo Recharge Quote of the Week comes from a list of 50 best productivity hacks. Btw, slowing down will make you feel more in control, and therefore more powerful.

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